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Pinzgau delicacies


The Pinzgau region in Salzburger Land is known for its nutritious and tasty cuisine. Here, cooking is done with many ingredients from nature.

With the following recipes, we would like to give you the opportunity to get in the mood before your holiday or to recreate the delicacies you have enjoyed after your holiday.


Make a dumpling dough from 250-300 g flour, 1/4 l water, 1-2 eggs and salt. Heat butter or lard in a pan, add the dumplings and 50 g Pinzgauer beer cheese and 50 g fat cheese.

When the cheese has melted well and a light crust has formed, sprinkle with chives and serve in the pan.

Preparation time
45 min


250 g cranberries (blueberries), 250 g flour, 1/4 l hot milk, salt, butter for frying. Add the flour and hot milk to the sorted cranberries until the berries stick together with the dough. Salt a little, form "loabei" (small loafs) with a spoon and fry in a pan with the hot butter. Then sprinkle with icing sugar. If you have a large quantity, add an egg if necessary.

Preparation time
25 min

Pinzgauer Kaspressknödel

1/2 kg dumpling bread (approx. 20 dumplings), 1 onion, salt, pepper, parsley, approx. 1/2 kg Pinzgauer beer cheese (also leftover cheese, semi-hard cheese), 1/4 l water, 6 eggs, 1/4 kg flour. Finely chop the onion, fry until golden and mix into the dumpling bread. Remove the rind from the beer cheese and cut into fine cubes. Mix the cheese, salt, pepper and parsley well with the dumpling bread. Mix the eggs with the water, work into the bread and leave to stand for a short time. Finally, add the flour. Shape the dough into small loaves and fry over a low heat until golden brown. Serve the dumplings still hot in beef soup.

Preparation time
25 min


Approx. 1/4 l milk, 100 g plain flour, 2-3 eggs (yolks, clear for snow), a little sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla sugar, a handful of sultanas. The dough is prepared similarly to the pancake dough, but the stiffly beaten snow is folded in last. In a pan heated with melted butter, fry the dough until brown on both sides and then tear into small pieces! Sugar and serve with plum roast.

Preparation time
30 min

Simple Tasty Recipes

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